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I've never made a scrapbook, but I think I'd like to make one before I put my tree away.

Basically, I would like to take pictures of my Christmas ornaments and have a page for each ornament or set of similar or identical ornaments. In addition to the pictures of the ornaments I would like to record where and when I bought or received the ornament, who gave it to me, etc.

I'm trying to figure out how to do this. My requirements are the following:

1. The album would probably start with 20-40 pages, and unless somebody screams at me for this, I'm happy to have pictures/text front and back. I would expect to add 1-5 pages per year. I understand that this would likely result in a second volume at some point. That's ok. I'm assuming something spiral bound?

2. Pages would have both pictures and text. I would like some flexibility in where pictures and text are placed and how many pictures are on a page. Obviously with a bulb one picture is plenty, but I might have more than one shot of the angel (details + different angles) or where I have a set of similar but not identical ornaments I would have pictures of 2 or three of them.

3. I would like to be able to add text to the text areas at a later date. For example if I were to break an ornament at some point, I would note when.

4. I wouldn't mind tabs or some sort of marker for each year. Each year could start with some pictures of the trimmed tree. And then have any new ornaments added that year. Is the tab idea tacky?

5. I'm not envisioning something very ornate involved. I'm not thinking about stickers or stamps or punches etc. I think classic/simple elegance is what I'm going for here.

1. How best should I do this and what do I need?
2. How much would you guess this will cost me?
3. How do I integrate pictures and text.
Cart ahead of horse: If you recommend computer-created text A) how do I make this not look like tacky xerox paper taped onto a pretty album and B) (Here's the cart and horse part): What kind of font would be appropriate. Something simple and readable, but elegant/stately.
4. From people who know what they're doing, what other thoughts or advice do you have for how best to do this? I'm envisioning something that I could have or maintain for many years or possibly generations, so I'd like to do it nicely.

Any advice you can offer either in the form of direct answers to the questions or pointers to other articles or posts that might be useful. Not only have I never made a scrapbook before, I never even really seen one in my hands. So yeah, even pictures of something similar or adaptable to my purpose would be very useful.

Thank you very much for any help you can offer. I obviously don't have any expertise with which to reciprocate any advice you might give, but I'd be happy to post info about what I did and/or pictures of the album if that's something you do here and would like.

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