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Oh, I had better head there tomorrow! Dh bought me a bunch of her punches and I noticed he had bought a double so I took it back two days after Christmas. They said it was only $4, but I had the receipt, so I knew they were going to mark them down. I have kept them all packed so I could get them cheaper. Dh said I was cheapskate! He should be thankful!

I do the same thing! dh loves me for it though. this year he just gave me a gc, to save me the trouble of returning. love him.

Gift cards are great, but I admit I love to see how much he knows about me. And he knows me pretty well! I just sent an e-mail to Walmart about the markdown. It may be silly of me to do so, but I asked if I actually have to repurchase and then return the regular price items. I worked in the cash office of K-Mart about 8 yrs ago and then K-Mart would let you bring in your receipt for clearanced items. Of course your item had to be clearanced within 30 days of your purchase. Don't even know if K-Mart still does that.

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