Username Post: Scrapbook as Record of Christmas Ornaments
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Thanks, everyone. I think I'm going to try to go to a scrapbooking store this weekend. Hopefully they will have some actual scrapbooks that I can look at to have a better idea what mine might actually look like.

I did find some useful articles on this site after posting. I think I like the post-bound albums, though I like it with spine inserts. Hopefully the store will have something that looks right.

I've also been looking at the galleries, but I haven't really seen any with decent amounts of texts (think paragraphs, not sentences). Is that done, how does it look (how to make it look best, or are there any pictures you can point me to?

MsPena, I'm having trouble picturing your suggestion, partly because I'm not so down with the lingo. I'm not sure I understand what a journaling box is, or a shadow box or what they look like. I'll read more articles and try to work it out, but if you could point to a picture of something similar to what you have in mind, that would be great.

Thanks, again! I'll post again when I've gone to the store and maybe come back with some supplies. And of course if anyone has any more ideas, I'm still listening. I'm very excited about this.

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