Username Post: Scrapbook as Record of Christmas Ornaments
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I wish I had known/thought about this years and years ago. I think one thing no one has mentioned is a photo of each year's tree. They will each be different, and you can see the ornaments as they are added to your collection. If you are a traveling person, you might include a small photo of the place where you bought each ornament (can't be done in retrospect, must be on current or future ornaments).:) Remember, start up will probably be the biggest expense you have; each year will be less than this first one. You might also consider a dedication for the inside of the front album cover. I do a dedication, telling when and why I started the album and how I'd like future browsers to view it. For instance in my first family album, I begin to notice how many pictures of water activities were showing up. So I dedicated a new album to "Our Watery Fun". Every type of water activity from slip'n'slide to deep sea fishing is in that book. We love to look at it in the winter especially.

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