Username Post: Scrapbook as Record of Christmas Ornaments
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Don't panic you are not in over your head! Think about what you want someone to know about that ornament before you start! Answer the WHO, What, When and Where questions all in one sentense if you want. Just make sure to get some continuity to flow thru the pages you mention why you have enjoyed this ornament. Having a photo of it hanging on the tree is just a bonus. I can not wait to see what people have done with this thread. I hate to take down my decorations so having a photo of them to look at during the year would be really special to me! As far as a title on the page you can add them by putting the letters or words on tags that you embellish. You can use a textured paper for the title like a paper you embossed. Stamping the letters on the page will so give you a nice title. Using chip board letters you painted or covered with paper can also give you a different look. Use the technigues you have learned from classes you took or seen in magazines or on the photos here. Even adding a wreath make from holly leaves with the title written in a circle or a paper bell or bow with the title on that in a metalic pen. I am sure you have favorite things you like to do. Even writing the letters out with Stickles or let your kids write the title on a banner shaped paper can be a nice addition. Enjoy and have fun with it is the important thing! Keep up the good work! If 12 x 12 is too large then divide that page into half and put two ornaments on a page that are similar. For example two bells or two photos of children. Or two ornaments from the same country. I can not wait to see what others come up with. I might have to start one of these albums for me this year! All my ornaments were home made on our first tree. For years I crafted and put my skills and talent together. That tree got retired and the next tree had just all red and white Santa Claus on it. I have moved on to all clear ornaments that look like ice and a tree that has all snowman. So I could do a book on the orginal tree and the home made ornaments but add photos of the new trees that now decorate our rooms.

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