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I thought I'd better bring this over here, just in case anyone missed it...and also because it's important.
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Hi Babes!
Since Chelle is going to take a leave of absence, and we had been planning for her to host the next Challenge, which would be the Valentine ATC Chalenge, I am asking for one of you to step up and host this Challenge in Chelle's place.
If you need to know anything or need any help, have questions or what ever, just PM me and I will answer your questions, and give you all the help I can.
Second thing in order is Challenge RAK winners...Dawn, Candace and myself have talked this over and decided that it would be fair to all the Babes, if we made a rule concerning RAK's.
You will be eligible to win 2 RAK's per year.....this is not to discourage any of the winners from entering, we just want to even the odds for everyone. So, if you have won the quota, please still participate in the Challenges, you just won't be entered in the polls.
Any questions about this, again just ask.
I would also like to take the time to WELCOME our new Babe!!!

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