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I will update my questionnaire as well:

sbartis Profile

1. My name: bonnie
2. Where you're from: Lakewood, WA
3. Birthday: August 7th
4. # of years scrapbooking: Since JHS
5. DH /How long: DH Craig - married 7/7/04
6. Kid / Name /Age: DS Willie 15
7. Pets: N/A
8. What do you do for a living: Legal Asst
9. Favorite sbking technique: making my own embellishments
10. Like to work on most: I like to complete one project at at time and right now I have several books in the works
11. Favorite scrap subject: DS and what we do as a family
12. Fun fact about yourself: Secretly DH and I want to be fun pirates, in fact we joined a pirate group, however, we have not yet been able to join in their festivities.

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