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Hello everyone,
After reading Twilight and seeing the movie, i fell in love with the characters and story. I would like to host a Challenge/Swap themed in this topic, but i want to first lay out my idea and how much genera interest there would be in for this challegne. If you like this idea please respond post a reply and let my know.

The idea
is fairly easy to grasp. I want to host a monthly/every other month challegne. I would the limit needs to be 5 to 10 participantes. The participants would each take a topic from the group approved list and create a Artist trading card with that topic. The participant would make 5 to 10 exact copies (depending on the # of particpants.)This way at the end of the challegne each group member with get 5 to 10 scrapped cards.

Above i mentions group approved topics. By this i mean, topics nominated and voted on by the group. At the beginning of each new challegne i would say the we take a week to 2 weeks voting on and selecting a topic for the current challenge. Example topics would be Specific Charater cards, Quote cards, Chapter Summary cards etc. Each particpant will creat a card on the selected topic. This will make things interesting becuase you will see others points of view and creativity.

Ups and Downs
While this plan does sound great, there are some possible thing that may need over coming. The first would be the mailing cost associated with the distribution of the cards. I would uggest that everyone participate woulod give me there address, i will give everybody my address as well. Then when complete, every one will mail me there 5 to 10 completred cards. I will divide them up and mail each person the complete group set. It may cost anywhere from $2 to $5 to mail the cards from your house to mind. And then another $2 to $5 for me to mail them from my house to yours. I may need to charge a small fee of like $2 to $5 to just cover my shipping cost.

I have some ideas to spice up the challegne to. We may can have a contest. The best designer winning a prize. Maybe a pot. Like if everyone submits a $3 entrance price, it would be like $30 for ten people... if shipping only costed $2 per person, there would $10 left over... the winner would win that. Or maybe the winner could win free entrance to the next challenge?!?!

Our main mission would be to creat a twilight theme ATC carusel.

Please reply hear with your ideas and insight. Do you think this is a good idea? Would you be interested in paticipating? Also, i am not expectng to start this for a month or two. I am just gathering general interest at the point

(sorry if my spelling is off... im super

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