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i made my own family tree for my heritage album. I tore out a trunk and branches from brown paper and then used tags as the leaves. Each tag has the person's name, dob, dod, and place of birth. As far as colors go, I used alot of different colors, but primarly muted colors for the really old photos. Like for my great grandpaw i used a soft grey color and my great grandmaw i used a muted yellow. i definitely looked for papers that reminded me of vintage wallpaper. Don't feel like your have to use the same color throughout the album. You can use different colors throughout the album but make it feel cohesive by using papers that have a vintage feel.

Fonts I like that look vintage to me: Lucida Handwriting and Book Antiqua

Basic supplies:
12x12 paper trimmer
basic cardstock
brown ink pad (good for making things look old and distressed)
sandpaper (again, good for distressing)
photo corners
tape runner
a few "family" stickers and general embellishments like flowers and brads.

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