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Umm, Shirley must be taking a nap, Liz M. is probably in bed by now, as well as Jane, Jennie, Susan, Cathy, and maybe Viv since she is sick. Ria must be working, also Jenni, Monica must be getting ready for her scrapping weekend. Heather, she must be busy with the boys. Shatema is sleeping, Laura must be deciding on album stuff. Liz F, must be with cleaning the livingroom or playing monopoly. Elizabeth, she maybe taking Chief for a walk, working, scrapping or her dh called her to bed. Joy...she must be at WM or going to the store. That leaves you and me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No sorry.. I was helping the kids get ready for bed. And we worked on the goody bags for tomorrow's parties.... I hope they'll have fun.

They missed daddy, but nothing some valentine candies and froggy tattoos can't fix! But I'll still let DH believe he's been greatly greatly missed. I do want to keep him around for a long long time!

Moms know how to soothe their kids pain, KWIM? We're good!

Dawn wanted to be here. Not doing very good with my "life changing" choices am I?

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