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Jenni finally gets a chance to catch up.....

Susan - there isn't a smiley here big enough to give you the hug I want to give you.


Heather: I am the oldest by 7 years and 10 years. I was an only child for 7 years! I always told mom she should have quit while she was ahead!

Jenni: That sounds like me. I'm the oldest by 9 and almost-14 years.

Congrats to Jennie's parents for sticking it out this long!

LizFoltzy: Brian's parents were never married, his dad was already married when his mom got pregnant with him.

Jenni: So was his dad involved at all while he was growing up?

Jennie: my parents wanted to do a cruise for 45 but when I lost my job we knew it was out of the question...maybe for 50 (if my mom is still able to by then)

Jenni: HA! I thought it'd be cool to do something for our 20th. Instead, we were moving into a newly built house and carrying a 2nd mortgage until the old one sold. I thought it'd be cool to do something for our 25th. Instead, I was starting a new job, Kim was starting a new job, we were getting ready to buy a 2nd place (for her & Ethan), and our schedules were such that it took us 5 months to even get out of town for one NIGHT, much less any extended anniversary trip.

Have everything done for now. Gonna go get food. Then I should be able to play for a bit.

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