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For those of you with stupid ex issues...

Elizabeth: But wouldn't you at least call once in a while and talk, or go out for a burger? Something?

Jenni: Guys don't think that way. At least, some of them don't. My dad's POV would be, if you don't want to come here, you don't want to see me very badly, so I won't "bother" you with trying to see you.

Clara: So I did, at the end when I asked for an apology, he said "well baby girl is getting late and I have to wake up early tomorrow, bye" and he hang up the phone.

Jenni: BTDT. Conversation with my dad, over a HUGE blow-up concerning something he said about my daughter. We were finally talking after nearly a year. I told him he owed Kim an apology for what he said. He said he wasn't going to apologize for speaking his mind.

Clara - glad to hear the job is going so well.

Elizabeth - hope MIL is doing OK.

Jennie: someboday get her the twacking stick--the one made for ex's -you know the one with big, rusty spikes on it!


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