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Shirley: Our kids are SOOOO clingy!!! If either one of us is gone for a couple of hours, they complain and complain! I'm going to do the same when they become teenagers. I'd better tape their reactions NOW and post it on Youtube as evidence.

Jenni: I this idea!!!

Tink: she did really well this time ... no screaming or yelling when the nurse put the 4 needles in ...

Jenni: Poor baby. I can't even imagine all your girls put up with at such a young age.

Susan: Stupid emotions pop up at anytime.

Jenni: That's going to happen. Just let them come, hon. Better to get it out in little bits now than to have it build like a volcano that erupts later.

Jennie: Hey - i just won the 8 x8 all about boys stack from DCWV

Jenni: KEWL!!!!

Jennie: Angels watching over you...every step you make...angels watching over you....every breath you take...

Jenni: Amy Grant.

Jane - All-in-all, it sounds like the credit card mess is going to be fairly easy to fix, and I'm glad for you.

Laura - as for whether or not to include pics of the kids pre-wedding...I'd say yes. That's part of your story. Not all stories are perfectly written. Sounds like having the kids first was part of the "me-to-we" story. Just tell it like it is. I mean, shoot, my grandson's album includes some early stuff with his dad, then there's nothing of the guy, because that's how the story has developed. It's not perfect. It's real life.

Getting a patient up here soon. When we do, I'll have to sign off and finish catching up later at some point.

Kim - so excited that the process is finally started!!!!! :squeeeee:

Clara - I always work nights. Sometimes I work nights at the hospital (7p-7a). Sometimes I work evenings/nights being a Grandma (Kim drops Little Man off around 3:30, I take him home and put him to bed, she gets home around 12:30 and I got home). But it's always nights of some sort.

Page 140. Almost made it. Gotta go.

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