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I have a window in my studio right behind the background, so I have it covered over, but its a good marketing opportunity to put something in since people pass it many times a day to get their hair cut in the studio that I share the building with.

This window has 4 columns and 4 rows, for a total of 16 separate pieces of glass. Each one is something like 8.5x11 inches.

Any suggestions for what I can put in there? My business name is composed of 3 parts, the first word is 6 letters, the 2nd is 5 and then photography that is 11 characters. So the obvious answer wont fit. I could use the initials from the first 2 leaving me with 3 empty spaces, but I think that would be a bit cryptic since I have never gone by that. I have used GFP but that wont mean anything to anyone that doesnt already know me.

My main target right now is senior portraits, but also mothers day is around the corner and ive been trying to ask each senior portrait's parents if they would be interested in a family portrait before their senior goes off to college, that it might be their last chance in a while.

I could put some pictures in the window, but I dont know how good an 8x10 could be seen from the walking path, and it wont be visiable at all from the road that is a fair distance away, its a long driveway. I could put in 4 pictures, each would be a 2x2 square.

Ive been meaning to use this window for something for a while now, but I keep finding something to get distracted with.

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Had you considered a window screen or adhesive? It's basically, a photograph or advertisement (your business name) on a see thru material with an backing that adheres to the window.

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Maybe distribute the number of characters in each window pane so that your business name fits in one or two rows (maybe shorten "photography" to Photo's? and use the remaining row(s) to showcase photo's for people close enough to see?

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