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  • kendi on 12-23-08 03:51 PM

I am so excited that I finally got a Cricut (early xmas present that I couldn't wait to open.) I have been using it lately but for some reason my paper won't stay stuck to the mat and then when it cuts it doesn't cut the letter out the right way. I have only used the mat maybe 6 times so I don't think that I need a new one! Give me some pointers PLEASE!!!

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I know there was an issue recently with some of the mats not having the right amount of "sticky" on them. You might just want to call Provo, my understanding is they are issuing replacement mats. as far as it not cutting the letter out correctly, just be sure the blade depth is set for the type of paper you are using and the speed and pressure settings are also correct. Personally, I leave my blade depth at 5 and speed at 4 all the time. for thick cardstock like Bazzill , set the pressure to the highest and for thinner paper, set the pressure to 3.

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  • hdsue on 12-23-08 05:06 PM
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cricut website has tons of info in the community..i just got one this week too and ive been on there ready all bout the markers and things.also in your book is the pressure and depth settings for types of paper

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I have had quite a few mats that have lost their sticky soon after using, or were not sticky from the start. Many were using spray tacky adhesive (there are a few different brands out there...3M and Krylon are two I can think of at the moment) Its a repositionable spray you put on the mat and help revive the sticky. BUT Provo Craft did say if you use these sprays, it will void your warranty....but they have NOT come up with a solution (except for buying new ones..which can be expensive)

Since I've had my cricut for more than a year and I don't worry about the warranty, I use ZIG Blue 2 way glue. It can be used as a repositionable glue. I buy the bigger size, with the large tip, and apply it to the no longer sticky mat. LEt it dry thoroughly and the mat is good as new. Provo Craft never said anything about this...just the spray adhesive.

There is also another product some folks have used. THe Slice is fairly new and they sell a tube of adhesive to be used on their glass mat to resticky the mat. Some have used this adhesive to revive their mats.

If your mat is not sticky right out of the box, call Provo Craft. They have great Customer Service and have replaced many mats that do not work.

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Have you tried washing the mat in warm water with dish soap?? I've heard this will help make your mat sticky again. Be sure to let it air dry afterwards.

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I have washed my mats with soap. Also, I found the using something hard with an edge to really push the paper onto the mat before makes a huge difference!

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