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Are all the screw posts used in scrapbooks a universal size in diamater? and just the length different? So, when ordering them and they are listed as being 3mm is that the length? and the diamater is the same?

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In my experience--no, but just barely. I use Pioneer albums, but like to buy the store brand from Hobby Lobby and the extra posts in the HL packs don't quite fit the Pioneer ones. They start to screw in, but don't go all the way and leave a small gap.

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I don't use the screws/posts at all- use snap load- SO MUCH easier and more stable in my opinion! They'll work with ANY post bound album and I've never had a problem with them other than the adhesive is a bit weak so I use some terrifically tacky tape under and it stays stuck down well.
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Go to the hardware store and get some screws there. They come in many lengths and with no extenders, they are sturdier than all the little posts pieced together.

I have heard them called Chicago screws but just bring one and ask for some but longer ones. That way the top and bottom fit.

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