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I purchased the stampmaker kit and began by studying how to make a negative. After printing on two sheets of film I have yet to get the
black necessary to make a stamp. I have viewed the videos etc and when the final step is reviewed
I somehow miss it. If anyone can help me I would
so appreciate it. I have set up my pictures with
no trouble.

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In response to rncgreene

Hello! I have gotten my ink black enough, I went out to walmart and bought the hp d1000 printer that the company suggests using. I just change to setting to specialty paper best quality.. you may try changing you setting to black ink only.

go to: there is a section in there with instructions and it has a list of different printers and the settings you can use.

The issue I am having is the inkjet sheets are not holding the ink. I can let them dry for days and still the slightest touch (even against the polymer packs to make the stamp) is scratching the ink right off of my page!!

Good luck to you.

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