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I got the CardMaker's Hand Lettering Workbook from Annie's Attic a couple of weeks ago. This book is amazing! It has 17 beautiful hand lettering styles that are easy to learn. Seriously! If I can learn them, anyone can. I have already used this book about a dozen times in my LOs and cards. One of my favorites is called "Daisy," which has simple little flowers incorporated into the letters--down the "spine" of the letter "P," for example. What a great addition to our lettering options!

I just love this book, and it was only $8.95.

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This is a lost art. I remember when I first started scrapbooking that was the cool thing to do. The magazine I would get would post a new font and show how to draw it. So happy you found this. So pretty and personal. ENJOY!

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I got a book long time ago, more like a magazine on hand lettering, and it does take time but it is a great way to personalize a page. Most just buy the precut titles or cut them on Cri cut these days.

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I might have to check it out - I have an Amazon gift card burning a hole in my pocket! I love doodling, so this might be right down my alley!


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I handwrite all of my stuff and the girls in the group that I scrap wtih were shocked. They stopped and looked at one of my titles which wasn't anything special and one said I was really brave because she would never hand write anything on her pages. She didn't like her writing and she would be afraid of messing up her page. But to me that is part of scrapbooking. Having your own handwriting to pass down to your kids and grandkids. Even thier journaling is printed off the computer.

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