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This is my first time hosting a swap. I hope I get it right.
This is a bookmark swap of two (2) bookmarks per category. I have found that the best sized bookmarks are 1 3/4 x 6 inches. They can be a tad bigger but no smaller. Since these bookmarks will probably be used in books, they have to be flat. Only the top inch or inch and a half can have dimension because that is the part that sticks up out of the book. Make sure it is sturdy and will stand up to a lot of use and for those that have cats, cat attacks...I would use cardboard cereal boxes or popcorn boxes. Both sides need to be covered in paper or cardstock so both sides look nice. You can decorate the back if you wish, but the front must be decorated. The back needs to be signed with your name and the date.

I will be taking sign ups until November 1st. Bookmarks are due in on November 20th. If you are wanting to sign up please whisper your name and group(s) you wish to join. I will whisper you my address. Please send an address label or extra envelop with your address on it and whatever postage your bookmarks cost to send plus one stamp. If I don't use the postage, I will mail it back to you along with your swapped bookmarks.

The categories are:

A Stitch in Time:
Make 2 bookmarks that have hand, machine or ink stitching and something to do with time on them.

Politcal Junk Mail: Make 2 bookmarks with your political mail.You have to cut some words off of some of your political mail and use them. May as well put some use to the political c*r*a*p we've been getting lately. Please DO NOT use any political candidates names!!! We don't want to cause a fight or offend anyone.

If enough people want it, we will also do a Christmas one too.

I wanted to thank everyone beforehand for joining my swap! I hope everyone has fun and enjoys making them.

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