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These players created these pages in a a short amount of time according to set directions for seven steps. Please help us pick the most outstanding layouts. Each player listed the 7 steps they used to make the page and they included that info after the posted layout.

June 2012 Round 5
Layout 1
Angels By Teresakay
Step One scraplift from gallery chosen 3655005/-...
Step2 Glitter Paper I used white glitter on the paper but it doesn't show in the pic but it's there I have glitter everywhere
Step 3 #31 used stickers for decorative corners on pic
Step 4 Handmade Banner in the upper right corner
Step 5 free
Step 6 free
Step 7 Tag tucked in behind cloud

Layout 2
Swim Lessons By Justowen
Step 1: Scraplift Gumpgirl 3648319/-...
Step 2: Papers - Use a doily as a mask.
Step 3: Accent your picture by adding stitching to the edge of the picture or matt
Step 4: MAKE a banner for your page.
Step 5: Embellishment stage - Free Spot
Step 6: Embellishment stage - Free Spot
Step 7: Doodle a line and use this pin as Inspiration

Layout 3
BRIN By JustLyn

1: scraplift 3567889/-...
2: "die" cut made by hand
3: stitching on photo/matt
4: half-circle trees
5: free spot
6: free spot
7: wordle cloud

Layout 4
Baseball By Faithscrapper
lifted smile
use of a double ring
transparency decorative corner
dressed up die cuts
free space

Layout 5
Apple Picking By Provinca
Step 1 - lift of gumpygirl's lo "Family Fun"
Step 2 - double ring
Step 3 - metal corner
Step 4 - clothespin penant
Step 5 - free spot
Step 6 - free spot
Step 7 - journal on tag

June 2012 rd 5
Layout 1
Layout 2
Layout 3
Layout 4
Layout 5
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