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Hello ladies & gents,
I am new to this site though not knew to this world of scrapbooking and paperarts.
Howver, being new to a strange and what feels like a diifficult neighborhood to play in. I am having problem swith some navviagation of the site and can never seem to find any of the few posts I have done.
I also have a question concerning the titles of everyone and how that goes. We have people like me who are new kids on the block, we have a mayor, a janitor, etc.... Just curious if there is anything I can read about that will still be viable. I tried to look at a video about "My Stream" but wouldn't find the page, said error message. Figured it was moved on and out to make room. But a bummer for a new user.

Thanks ahead of time for any help or anyone thta would like to befriend this woman of 55 yrs.

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I'm not sure the best way to use the site yet. I just keep looking in forums that I've posted in and adding threads to my favorite topics. There are a couple places for newbies. Look under scrap chat or something. Sorry, I'm at work and maxed out on windows right now or I'd link it. I’m sure there is a user manual or guide on here somewhere but, so far, I’m enjoying forum hopping.

The titles are listed in a couple different places and relate to the number of posts you have done. I think you just have to jump into conversations unless they say closed. A lot of groups are closed here. It can be a little discouraging but I figure after we've been here a while we'll make some friends. I’ve come across a few friendly faces so don’t be shy!

I want to see the photos of many of the swaps and challenges but I'm not sure how to find them unless someone has posted them in the thread.

ETA: Oops, we are in scrap chat. lol If you scroll down, thre's a newbie nest. Dawn is watching out for us there. She's really nice and helpful. Her LOs are pretty, too.

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Welcome to the site ladies!

If you are on the forum page there is a yellow box up top that says "help". That may answer some of your questions. As far as finding your posts you can add them to your favorites for easy access. Or just make a note of which board you posted too and then you'll just have to scroll. Some of the boards have lots of posts so you may have to go to the next page to find yours.

The titles we all have go by how much you post-the more you post-your title will change. Megan is the Janitor-she will mop up posts that shouldn't be posted and keeps us in line lol. If you go onto the General board-the first post "Why hasn't my title changed" - will give you lots more info.

As far as Swaps and Challanges...under the "Forum" tab there is a link for "Interactive Fun". That is where you will find the subforums for swaps, challanges, ect.

The "Gallery" tab is where you can go to see all work that people have posted in their galleries. The "Summary(Featured)" tab (located under the "Gallery" tab has a variety of layouts, cards, projects, etc.

Enjoy the site-I joined 2 1/2 years ago and I'm hooked!

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