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My name is Sherry. I have been scrapbooking and creating cards and save the date notices, etc. I am now trying to venture out and start a business doing this as well as album work and a few other things. However, I am having a hard time trying to figure out how to start out and get a clientele basis. Anyone have any suggestions on what I could do besides build a website (which is almost complete).

Thanks so much!

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good luck, and welcome to

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get the word out thru friends and friends of friends. Spread the word to family and co-workers. You can always get a stamp done up that has your website on it that you stamp on the back of the cards so people can check them out online and order if they're interested. I've done the word of mouth thing with my beading business and get about $100/mo in orders. It's a side job since I teach full time but it helps out with the scrappy and beading addiction I have and I really enjoy doing it. My family always says I should go into the card making business but I think that it would be too much pressure. I do have a business card and all that stuff that I include in my bead orders but for me right now it's just a fun thing I do.

An idea would be to check out a local "gift" shop type of place that sells home made crafty stuff. I don't know if they charge to place your items and then when they sell you get paid or how it works but that's always an option. Or a local library maybe? Or a museum gift shop? Maybe a mom and pop type of yarn/craft/homey kinds of store? Think Outside the Box for getting customers! They'll come and you'll be SUPER busy.

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Get a website or a blog and business cards, try a listing on etsy

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