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Your wedding layouts. I'm doing a 12x12 album of my wedding and I need some help with ideas.
Thanks In Advance!

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there are some in my in middle of working on my wedding book too

Gelidy Gelato
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Gelidy Gelato
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easy way #1
go to Gallery,
go to Layouts tab,
then just under the word Layouts look all the way to the right and click on Themes,
up pops a bunch more choices one of which is
Wedding 4,873 pages for your wedding viewing pleasure

easy way #2
go to Gallery,
go to layouts tab,
then look across the other tabs and click on the Search tab,
up pops a search window, type in Wedding and 16,447 items for your wedding viewing pleasure

easy way #3
go to Superstore,
in search window, type in Wedding
Find products you like, click on the product page and then scroll down to
Layouts & projects using this product (from the Gallery):

and there will be pages using those exact products for your viewing pleasure

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I agree - try the Search tab because then you'll get tons of results and can browse through a ton at once!

Here's one I did ... I got married 11 years ago (way before I scrapped) so don't have any done really ... should go back and scrap some more!

Happily Ever After By Peenut_23

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SQ Mandi
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SQ Mandi
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Here is the link to my gallery for my Wedding Layouts
My Wedding Layouts

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I agree with Gelidy, that's probably the best way to find ideas. I'm starting to work on mine now, too, but I've only done pages for my bridal shower and rehearsal dinner (which I don't think are very good! lol I'm just a beginner...) I will be starting ceremony LOs next, though!
Good luck with yours!! :)

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My wedding was almost 20 years ago, long before I was scrapping so I haven't done all my pics yet but here's an odd B & W one from the day that I did.

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