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I am redoing my baby book with the help of my mom over the summer. The original got ruined when our house flooded. I also have a scrapbook of my boyfriend and I. My problem is I am expanding on my baby book to make it at least through high school, and I met my bf my first year of college so our lives are pretty intertwined. Do I do a different scrapbook for college or just add all of the pages in the same book. If I have a different book do I use the same pics twice when I do events where both of us were there like parties, graduation, other events with my friends?

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Why not start a new book for college? Not just because that is when you met your BF but just because it is a new phase in your life. Baby through HS is a lot in one book - I would think. I personally like single books that each tell a story them selves. A vacation , holidays etc.

If you want to do 2 books you could put the same pictures in there. I do that for big vacations as I usually do 8X8's for my boys and a 12X12 for myself.

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Mary W.
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I would start a new book at college. I did my son's books through high school, then started a new one. My older ds is in the military, so his new book started then. I'm working on my own book, and it will be in phases too, probably one up until high school, then high school and college - just because I have another one beginning when I met dh which was my last year of college (those will overlap). You might find that baby through high school is too big, depending on how many pages you do. You can play it by ear and see what it's like when you get to that point. Have fun!


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kaybear93 Kathy Hoeppner
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I would start a new book at college. My kids books are done in phases also. I have for Elementary school, Middle School and now High School. I have duplicated some pages, for example, my kids were in scouts and I was my dd's leaders, so I have pages in their books and also the family book of the same pics..

And whatever they decide to do after high school will be the start of that book.

Hope that helps


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