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While on the bus today heading to another GoodWill to check for some kids clothes a lady got on and sat next to me.
Don't remember how we got to talking but she said something along the lines of "I've been scrapbooking." The first thing out of my mouth was "Where do you go to crop?" She gave me the name of a LSS that I didn't think was on a bus route so I wasn't going to check it out. She was nice enough to tell me about it and which busses to take in order to get there! I hadn't realized just how friendly scrappers can be to complete strangers. LOL
She pays $60, a yearly fee I believe, to use the crop room when there are no classes or crops going on. She's been to the new one I mentioned in another post that also charges a fee and said it's a nice store but their crop tables are tiny compared to those where she goes. Looks like I may end up paying in order to find somewhere with lots of space. She also mentioned being there just after the lady came back from the convention for new products and winning one of 3 door prizes, a basket worth about $100 in new products. They were filming a commercial or something that same day and after that was done each of the 9 croppers there were given a pack of papers and embellies worth about $30 or so. If it doesn't take more than a couple of hours to get there I may make that my crop home for the time being. I want to find out just what their $60 fee covers before I make a decision.
I'm wondering if this fee thing isn't going to become standard in the larger cities and LSS's.

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Aww, I'm glad you were able to find somewhere you can go, especially that you can get to by bus. That woman was very friendly.

San Antonio is my home town, although I don't live there anymore. What store are you going to? I would love to drop in the next time I'm there for a visit.

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My LSS has a paid membership thing. The store is called Scrapbook Super Station. Their membership thing is called a boarding pass club. Here is the info about ours. I cut/pasted it from the website.

The BPC is now new and improved for 2009!!! Read all about it…

You will receive four (4) 25% off Coupons EVERY month to use on any item you wish*!

Ability to redeem one competitor coupon every month!

You'll get early admission to Quarterly Sales and Yard Sale Events (we'll open at 9 for BPC Members only on these days)!

$10.00 in Crop Cash Bonuses every quarter (attend a crop and get $10.00 off your purchase once EVERY Quarter)!

Save Money at Quarterly Member Only Sales (15% to 50% Off Storewide, no exclusions)!

25% Off Product of the Month, no coupon needed!

25% Off QuicKutz dies and tools everyday, no coupon needed!

Free Table Time when there is no scheduled class or crop!

Generous and ongoing Rebates based on your spending!

Your minimum savings are over $300!

Don't forget to tell your cashier if you are a member of our BPC. The computer will track your sales and when you reach the following levels, you'll get rebates on your purchase:


When You Reach $250 = $15.00
When You Reach $500 = $25.00
When You Reach $750 = $35.00
When You Reach $1000 = $50.00


We'll do all the work for you! Plus, with most key tag or punch card systems, you have to start all over when you reach $250 in sales...not here at Scrapbook Station! Here, your prior sales count towards another, bigger rebate! So, remember every dollar you spend counts towards money back in your pocket on everyday merchandise you need to get those albums done!

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Jennifer Priest
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Yeah I think the memberships are coming back. They used to have the here and then there were so many stores they all dropped their crop fees to $5 a day or free if there was no class or scheduled crop. Some stores are adding more perks to it though. I am going to join the one at pink Pineapple even though that store is 2 hours from me because with the discounts it is so worth it even if I crop only three times.

It is nice that you found a store though!

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This is the info for the place called The scrapbook store , I believe it's new here in town. I don't have any info for the other store as I just learned about their charge today. I'll post it here if I get an email in reply to my comments to them. I'm beginning to think this is going to become a common practice, at least in large stores or cities.

License to Crop
The License to Crop is a tool tag with the many exciting features. The License gives you free use of the crop room, die cut machines, and computers for journaling, 4 free crop nights (2 Friday Night Crops and 2 Saturday Night Crops), special sale days & sale items once a month, advanced notice of store wide sales with early bird Coupons or entrance, and an end of year License To Crop Gala. The cost is $55.

Digital License
The Digital License is a digital tag with the following enhanced features. The license includes unlimited access to computers for photo printing, editing, journaling and digital scrapbooking , free photo prints (1-12X12, 1-8X10, 2-5X7?s, and 8-4X6?s), 10% discount on all digital products; and special advance notice of all digital classes. The cost is $55.

The Passport is a combination of both the License to Crop and Digital License. The cost is $100.

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