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Hi everyone, new to this site. I have recently assembled a beautiful 12 x 12 - 20 double sided page scrapbook for my daughter's coach. It was mega expensive and very time consuming. I would like to share this book with the rest of the team. Any suggestions? The only solutions I could find are as follows: 1) pay 1.79 for a color copy of 9 x 11 or 2) scan for 5.00 per page. Both are from local area business merchants. Any advice would be very appreciated. Thanks! Bo

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I'm not an expert on this, but you could try one of the following:

1. Take a digital photo of each page (if you don't have a digital camera, I'm sure someone from the team will). You can either save the photos as they are, or crop them to be square shaped.

2. Scan the images and then stitch them together (i.e. make two scans of each 12x12 page). I'm not sure how to do this myself...but I've heard it isn't too difficult...and you could see if anyone you know has a scanner to do this).

I hope this helped.

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I think your best bet is to take photos of the layouts. You can have them printed at Costco or other reasonable printer in 12x12 or 8x8. If you want digital, they can burn them on cd's for you to share.

Large format scanners are very expensive, and once scanned they still need to be printed unless you plan to keep them in a digital format. Stitching can be time consuming until you really learn the program.

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