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I am planning on making a mini albumn for my MIL who is in a NH with Alzheimer's. I'd like to put a pic of each family member in it, as a child and a current on the same page. I'd also like to put a pic of her and FIL as newlyweds and more current. Anybody think that would be a good thing for an Alzheimer's patient? She seems to remember things from 20+ years ago very well but not what she had for lunch... or that the old man who keeps visiting her is actually her husband of 62 years Most times she thinks he's her father!

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I think it is a fantastic idea! Any thing that can help keep their mind active and give them a link between memories and faces today will definitely be an asset. What a sweet, wonderful idea.

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I think that's a very sweet idea!

I had a great aunt who had Alzheimer's and it's very heart-breaking. Her memory was spotty too - she thought I was married to my dad and couldn't understand who my husband was. But other things were right there in her memory.

Even if she doesn't know who the people are all the time, I'm sure she will LOVE looking through it!

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