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pieces of me
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pieces of me

Do you own a Slice? What do you feel are the pros/cons of it? I already own the Cricut Expression, but really really like some of the cartridges for the Slice. I have been on the fence for a few weeks and can't make up my mind if I should buy another die cutting machine or not. Help me decide.....PLEASE!! LOL!

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**Enabler alert** I love my slice. The cartridges are awesome, and its so easy to use.

The only con I have is I'd like somthing that cuts thicker material like chipboard, hopefully there's an improvement on this in the future with a deeper blade.

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I loveeee my Slice! I actually got rid of my Cricut and got a slice! :P I like the design cards wayyy better-- and I like the price of the cards better. :P I also never need to cut anything over 4" because I use mine for fonts and embellies. It takes up way less space on my scrap table, and is much more portable when I go scrap at friends houses.

Cons: There is a bit of a learning curve. And you have to hold it down while it cuts. And I would also LOVE to see it cut chipboard! Maybe in the future....

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  • KimKV on 09-18-09 11:48 AM
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Love the Slice it's so cool!!! It's so easy to use and small!!

Redhead girl - try this next time you cut something thick...cut it twice. Once the slice has finished the first cut, don't move it!!! Just hit menu until you are back at that design and hit cut again.

And if you don't want to hold it, I have been told, have not done this yet, that if you set a can of vegetable on it that will hold it in place. Because you aren't pushing on it, just keeping it from moving.

Oh and in case I forgot to mention... I LOVE MY SLICE!!!! I still love my Silhouette too - it's sitting next time me, I didn't want it to get jealous!!!

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I agree!! I love the Slice, very compact and easy to store. Great designs on the cards, I have never paid full price for a design card. Lots of great deals out there. I guess the only downside is the smaller cutting size, but has never been a problem for me. I looked at them a long time before buying, but so glad that I did!!

Princess Kitty
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Princess Kitty
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Forgive me for posting as I don't have the slice just yet (it's on order - yay!) but already I can see the benefits.

I also have the Cricut Expression Machine and was really on the fence between the two but went with the Expression but then the pink slice came out, well couldn't resist that, the more I think about it the more I think the slice will suit me more is due to it's portability and cheaper cards. We are also hopefully moving soon and I may be losing my scraproom.

southern lady
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southern lady
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i love my slice. i use it alot

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I LOVE my Slice, too!!
Pros: 1.Small, portable. When I'm scrapping, I put it beneath the table when I'm not using it. (at home.) Can't do that with a Cricut.
2. Great design cards!! I love the fonts and the designs. I like them much better than the Cricut ones.
3. I love how easy the cuts come off of the glass mat. I use a VERY thin layer of glue and keep it covered with wax paper when I'm not using it. Also when not just going straight to another cut.
4. Very easy to use. Somebody above said learning curve. I consider it a very short curve, if any. SO easy.

Cons: 1. The only thing it can't do that I loved about the Cricut is cut without you standing there.
2. I wish it kept a charge for longer than one hour. I've been able to work around it. One place we used an extension cord. Another place I plugged it in at the countertop, then when I wanted to use it, I unplugged it and used it at my table, then plugged it back in.

As you can see, the pros outweigh the cons. This is the die cut machine for me. I love it!

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