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Is there something that you can buy to test your paper to see if it is acid free?
I have a bunch of photo boxes, but they do not come with dividers...I bought some large recipe cards, but I took the wrapper off and I am not sure if they are acid free or not. I need to start organizing and storing my photos a little differently. How do you do it?

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I scan my old pictures into the computer, and then organize them in photo boxes that are plastic. Hope that helps!

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You can buy a ph testing pen, shown below, it is made just for that You can find them in some stores also
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  • Judes on 03-22-10 03:23 PM
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I carry a testing pen in my purse just incase I buy something or go to Kinko's.

They can be hard to find. Big office supply stores usually have them, smaller places not so much.

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I keep it easy. Purchase everything fro a scrapbook store

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I make my divders out of cs just to be sure it's acid and lignin free.

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the pens only test acidity.

the best option (and cheapest) is to line them with a good quality AF/LF cardstock. use up some colors you don't care for, or ask your LSS owner if she has any colors that are not moving on the shelf that she'd sell you at a good discount.

Simply creating a barrier between the box and your photos is an approved archival method for safe photo and art storage. Hope that helps!

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