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Hello all,

Has anyone tried the Viva Decor Pearl Pens? I was so excited to order them after seeing all the great videos on YouTube. But I seem to have user error or something... My problem: They are supposed to dry domed on top, so you will have a perfect half pearl. Mine always dry like a Hershey's kiss on top! I've tried over and over! I've tried setting them from the side, on top, going fast, going slow. HELP! Anyone have these and can tell me what I'm doing wrong? I figured I'd try here first in case I'm doing something stupid... before contacting the seller.

Thanks so much!!

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  • nicy on 05-22-10 01:34 PM
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When using the dimensional paints, I found that to avoid that (Hershey's Kiss peak)you mentioned, don't pull the applicator up--instead, place it, squeeze to apply the paint and gently lift sideways--or up--without pulling the paint up--if you lift it fast--it creates the peak you don't want--just gently remove the applicator.
Now--about the viva decor pens: I find it interesting that every time I catch up with the new trends and decide to plop down the money for something, another company comes out with virtually the same thing--with a different name that has us thinking it is something new. I uses Tulip dimensional fabric paint which is pretty cheap and does the same thing! Have fun--I don't think I am going to chase down Viva Decor. At least not yet. One more thing--do the Wax Paper thing like in the video--that is a wonderful tip!

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