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Hi...I recently attended a wedding at a winery on New Year's Eve. I took a lot of pics for the mother of the bride.
Any clever quotes or sayings I can use? Going to make a small album for the mother. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

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if you google quotes there are tons!! that's what i did and printed them off. havent had the chance to use them yet. good luck. also, i found some really cute tiny wine glasses (gold and silver) at a local dollar store by the bridal stuff. i have used those things so much, matter-of-fact i just made a Valentines picture frame and used them on it. then are about 1/2' and easily hot glued to any surface. did you save any wine corks? that would be cute also, i make birdhouses with wine corks. HAVE FUN

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There is also an extensive library here of user submitted quotes, title and poems. Just click on the Resources tab at the top of the page. I have found lots of useful quotes here!

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When DH and I got married I used the lyrics of our first dance to make both the moms a mini album

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