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I've got a couple of questions about my upcoming altered journal project. First question: I'm using a coil-bound sketchbook that I bought at M's. I want to paint the cover before I embellish it, and I'm wondering if a) I should put some sort of primer-type thing on the cover before I paint it, and b) if I should put some sort of protectant on top of the paint before I adhere the embellishments and what the best thing to use would be. Second question: I'm thinking about trying to paint some of the pages; any suggestions for techniques and/or mediums to do this? TIA!

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In response to JenKoss

I would probably use gesso on the cover to prime it before painting.

On the pages, though, I'd think it would depend on the thickness of the paper. If its too thin, the paint may seep through and/or warp the paper. Gesso may or may not do the same.

I would rip a page out and practice on it. Use different types of paint at different thicknesses and see what works best.

Good luck with your project!

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