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I want to get into the journaling aspect for scrapbooking, but I would like to know how to start. I have the ebook journaling, i have all the ways to start with topics, but my question is do you divide up your journal into section, or just journal on a page with your ideas for an activity or what every your journaling about??

I bought a new journal to start writing my journaling into and I want to know do i divide up sections for events for my daughter, my self? or just combine everything but with a heading on time so I know who it is for?

What is your advice on how to start??

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"Journalling" to me is just writing a little bit to tell the story of the photographs on my LO. Sometimes a sentence, sometimes a paragraph or two. I mostly scrap events - vacations, birthdays, etc. - so my journalling is usually a straightfoward telling of facts and details. I always write/type out my journalling in draft so I can refine the story, check the grammar and spelling, find a font I like, etc. And because I want it to fit in a specific area on my LO I usually print out several copies as I change the font and the dimensions/margins to fit on my space.

I would just start small, start with a single LO, tell a small story, like the one in my journalling block here:
Spa Day By Stick

Here you can see what I mean by needing to fit the journalling into a specific shape and area:
Vagas 6Left - Paris By Stick

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I take my computer with me when I travel and I journal at the end of the day every day to keep from forgetting the details.

I also research monuments, buildings, city histories, statues - anything of interest to me, I want to know about it and include it in my scrapbooks.

SOme of my pages are just journaling. Sometimes the journaling is next to the pictures. I like eveyrthing explained so if someone goes through my scrapbooks and I'm not there, they understand all the buildings and about the cities as well as my personal journal of the that day on the trip.

My son-in-law was here today and wants to go to Italy - much family there. He picked up my 80 or 90 page Italy scrapbook this morning and went through it and loved that it not only told what we did each day, but explained all the pictures he was looking at. Espepcially Pompeii.

In Rome I even researched the vestal virgins and how they did their laundry. Its all int he scrapbook.

Here are a few of my pages with journaling on them:

Cruise Days 9, 10, 11 & 12 By Henri Jean

Russian Wedding Locks By Henri Jean

Cruise Days 3, 4 & 5 By Henri Jean

Baby - Both Sides By Henri Jean

My Room By Henri Jean

Hole 'N The Rock Zoo - Camel Love By Henri Jean

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Are you asking about the writing aspect of journalling or Art Journalling? I would have assumed the first from the title of the e-book you mentioned, but several of my scrappy friends are getting into Art Journalling these days and I learned at a crop last month that there is a magazine called Journalling that is about Art Journalling (because one of the gals' work will be featured in there later this year).

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What is art journaling? I've never heard of it - sounds interesting.

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Henri, "Art Journals" are like regular old fashioned journals to write in but also express your artistic side or practice a new technique. You can fill pages with paint, stamping etc. or you can mix the art in with the regular journalling....

Original poster....I'm not sure if you are talking about journalling on your scrapbook pages (which is what the beginning of your post sounds like) or if you are talking about an art journal (which is what the latter part of your post sounds like)
If you mean as part of your layouts, you can journal right on the page if you want or you can write or type journalling onto a ticket or card and stick it on....
You can journal just the facts of the event or you can tell a story about some aspect of your life or your daughter's life....
For keeping notes on things I want to journal about later, I do that on the computer. I create a file and then just use Word to type in notes as they happen. You can also keep notes on a phone if you use one that has that app.


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