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Anyone have any ideas on glitter storage for easy grab and go? I really like the idea of using cheap salt and pepper shakers but they usually do not have lids for mobility. I scrap in two different locations so all of my storage needs to be pretty much portable. Not only am I looking for ideas for containers for my glitter, but also some kind of container to keep the glitter containers in. If that makes any sense?

Should I mention that of course I am looking for cheap ideas. As a college student, funds are limited

I should also mention that I have a small case of OCD... I'm asking a lot aren't I?

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How about the tupperware salt and pepper containers? They have lids! Or any ones that you could find in a camping store!
I keep all my glitter, embossing powder, tray, small spoon, heat gun all in a little rubbermaid tub. Keeps it neat and in one place!

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I always check the sporting goods (fishing) section for stuff like what you're describing. Small containers with tight-sealing lids that fit into larger carrying type containers. Good luck!

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Ikea is a great place for storage items and very affordable. Have you look in there? Do you have any Dollar Tree or Dollar store near you? They usually have plenty of stuff and cheap. You just have to think outside the box and be creative. Sometimes you go in there and find that something intended for something else can be good for storage. Not the traditional/conventional stuff but something that can work with you budget/space. Take a look at these for example: s/80102919/ s/20208344/

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