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I want to do a year long project for next year, hoever, i 'm not sure what format i want to use. I know i don't want to do project Life again. I don't want ot have to take a photo each day.

Where can i go for some ideas? i have several ideas and that's the problem i can't settle on one. i'm looking for something that will jump out at me.

Any help will be appreciated.

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I'd google "project life prompts" or "week in the life prompts" or "365 ideas"...or something like that and see what jumps out at you.
There are tons of "prompt" sites that give you ideas of what to write about or what to take pictures of. There are even sites that will send you photo prompts with examples of what to take pictures of....
Do you want it to be all about you? All about your family? Some type of project that you are working on? A goal?
Hard to give ideas to someone else really, without knowing much about your life....


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I've done a 52 week album , so you could do a 'week that was' theme and then each week would be different. Some weeks would be slower so may have more journalling, others there may be a special occasion so they're be more photo's ect. Otherwise Elizabeth Kartchner has some books out with some great ideas.
Have fun , cheers Angela

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