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Two days ago I turned around to score a card I was making and I couldn't find the bone folder. For the rest of the day I searched my whole craftroom and the rest of the house for it. I had two ideas of where it got to, either it fell into the garbage can that I keep near my table or one of the grand-babies decided to pick it up off the table and play with it . I had already dumped and taken the trash out and did not want to go through the smelly trash so I decided to buy a new one. Before getting on the web I went to Wal-Mart and they actually had one. It was Martha Stewart(I try to avoid buying her products as much as possible). Went into the grand-babies room and saw a book of mine that they decided to play with picked it up and what fell out of the book. The old bone folder. This always happens to me I replace something and find the old a couple days later.

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Yup... that's the story of my life!
Look on the bright side though, now you have an extra one JIC you REALLY lose it next time!

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Henri Jean
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You can always use a spare. I have a spare of nearly everything in my crop wagon.

But I've lost things and replaced them - only to find the original one. Can be frustrating.

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