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Hi Everyone So I need so help,

Basically I am not sure of the best way to flatten the plastic wedding bells from my bridal shower cake to my scrapbook page. Should I use the same idea as pressing flowers between heavy books or is there another way to do it?
I included a link for you to see what they look like.
Thank you for any and all help given

what the wedding bells look like

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If they're a hard plastic like the ones you linked the only way to flatten them would be with heat - how much heat will depend on the plastic used, and it may not be something you could do with regular home equipment. Not to mention that heating plastic can be extremely toxic and dangerous.

If they're a softer plastic then you may be able to flatten them with a press, possibly some heat. i'd probably cut them in half first. But I'm doubtful you'll be very successful, and they'll likely end up somewhat distorted. I know you want to save them as a memento, but I think making or buying paper bells for your scrapbook would be better.

You might consider a 3-D shadowbox display using the bells and other items from the event.

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Ditto what Stick said.....
I wouldn't even attempt that! You could attach a photo of the bells and/or cut a small piece of the bells out and use as an embellishment (like the piece that looks like a heart)....


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Have you considered attaching them to the outside of your album in some way?

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What about photographing them up close and just using the photo. That's what i did with my Dog's collar when he died. i kept the collar of course in a keepsake box.

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I'm for the photograph idea above. They would probably just lose their shape if you tried to flatten them - especially by heating them.

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I like Kara's idea about making a shadowbox for them.

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you can try cutting out a section or two and running through the cuttlebug, it may flatten them out if the plastic is not too hard. but I like the photograph idea better)

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You might be able to put one into boiling water to soften it then flatten with books, when it cooled it may stay flattened...but it depends on the plastic. If you do not have spares it is not worth the risk. I do weird projects like this often and if you decide to try it, have tools like a tongs, oven mitts, clear place to work ready before you begin.

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Heating soft plastic will distort it to something unrecognizable. My husband used to heat plastic items and get all kinds of weird shapes that he used for his sculptures.

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I was going to say the same thing that t-scraps said. maybe you could thread a pretty ribbon or some bakers twine through the top and attach them to the outside of your album. I don't think I'd try to flatten them, for fear of ruining them.

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I will agree in trying to use it outside the album. You may regret your experiment!

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