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Hi! I want to make a small scrapbook for a friend whose dog just passed away. I don’t want to make something with a ton of pages so a traditional scrapbook book is out. What are some other creative mediums? In the past I’ve used cd’s, chipboard, and paper bags but they honestly don’t hold up to time. Maybe I just don’t use the right adhesives. Any suggestions?

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I have made tons of chipboard albums over the years for people, they probably won't last as long as an album with protectors but with the right adhesives they will last a long time. And also storing them away in a box or something will help, having them out where the sunlight gets to them will damage the album over time. You can buy small 6x6 or 8x8 albums with protectors, they usually come with only a few pages. I made a chipboard album for Mom when her dog passed away, she loved it!

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