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Looking for theme ideas for scrap weekends. An also your favorite things about the best getaways you have been to?

Henri Jean
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Henri Jean
In response to normagi

I went to one where the theme was tropical and pink flamingo decorations and things were everywhere.

A table in the corner had funny masks on sticks so you just held them up and bows on sticks that you held up over your head and crazy glasses and we several pink boas and silly things.

We played with the glasses and sticks with masks and sticks with bows and had a blast taking pictures with that stuff.

gluemore girl
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gluemore girl
In response to Henri Jean

I like simple scrap weekends. Any theme might work just like it would for a bday party: tropical, winter, etc.
A balance between pure-unadulterated scrap time with a few classes, vendors, and massage therapists are always a hit with the weekends I attend. Good lighting and adequate table space are a must!

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