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Meme, I don't know if I did the right thing or not. I wanted to "jump in" and add my greetings for the day. At the bottom of the last page I clicked on "New Topic" and - here I am. My twins are two, to whoever asked that. I read everything here and then can't remember who said what. Yesterday at my son's, about 10:00 a.m.,I took my contac out (I only wear one, bifocal) to clean it. I had to hunt for Sam's as I hadn't brought my contac cleanser, OR my glasses - DUH -!!. I used his, put my contac back in and WHAT pain. My eye was burning and hurt like h___! Then I had a terrible time trying to get the contac back out because my eye was burning. My daughter, Alison, stopped over about 4:00 and at the same time Nana Sandi (my son's mother-in-law) came by. I was baby sitting so with them there I could go to the eye doctor. My eye was swollen and scratched, etc. He put in a drop to help the pain, gave me special drops as an antibiotic (I think) plus wetting drops. I can't wear my contac for a week now. I went back to my son's for dinner. Alison and her son, Jack (6) stayed also. They do this a lot. Sam made chicken with tortelinis (sp.) (bacon, scallops, vinegar etc.) and it was SO delicious. He loves to cook. So, it was Sam, his wife, Heidi and Max and Sammy and Alison & Jack and me. I was so upset from the eye deal. I had a glass of wine with dinner. THEN, about an hour and a half later I left to drive home (50 min's away). Well, I'm lucky I got home alive. I was so tired (had only had 3 hrs. sleep the night before) and the wine and the eye deal I guess really hit me. I had to FIGHT the whole way home to not close my eyes for 2 seconds. Talk about a dim wit. I went to bed before nine o'clock and didn't get up till 6:00 - I HAD NINE HOURS of sleep - that never, never, ever happens. I feel so great today. If I could find a VERY high magnifying mirror to put my make up on without wearing my contac I would buy it in a heartbeat and not wear the da-- contac again.
Nana M

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Hi there, I'm not quite sure where you wanted to reply but this has popped up in the Critique group forum that's not a problem but it might not get seen by whoever you were talking with. If you go back to that thread and hit the reply button under the last post in it you will be replying on that discussion.

Hope that helps!

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