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I'm looking for some tips on how to create a scrapbook for a baby that has not been born yet. I want to get the pages ready and then the mom can add the pictures as the child grows. Any suggestions? This will be my first scrapbook creation, I usually am just a cardmaker. Thanks for your help!

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do a few searches. just out the gallery for baby pages as well.

You can go a few ways.
1-a page for each month-starting with the birth month- say the kid's born n Aug. then Aug is summer theme, Sept is fall, Oct Halloween, ect

or just each month-with a calender and room for journaling and pictures

2-cover all of the milestones (pregnant, birth, coming home, pictures with family, first bath, first tooth/hair cut/solid food/crawl/sit up/walk/word, ect first Easter/Christmas/Thanksgi ving

first outing to -beach, zoo, park, ect

3 or just do a few open pages without titles that share a common theme (baby). take a look at the pre-made sb's from halmark and such for ideas. or page outlines. You can make the double pages with places for pictures and cute quotes, add baby related embellies, then have 'extra' stuff for mom to add-titles (1st bath, first word, ect).

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I am in the middle of the same thing for my sister. I know she is having a girl so i have been using a pink color scheme. Basically what im doing is creating a page for each milestone moment first tooth, first steps, first haircut, first bath, etc etc, i am also making other pages that she can just put her favoite pics on. I also made a layout for her ultrasound pics and one for her "belly" pics. Also i made the first page of the album one for her "hospital" pic and it has a place for her to write, name, date, weight, time and length.

Ive been using lots and lots of embellishments like ribbon, cricut die cuts, buttons, stickers, glitter, flowers etc etc.

I am finding it hard though, as its difficult to make a layout without having the pics right in front of you.

Hope this helps you out a bit.

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I'm working on this for a friend right now. I'm not preparing any pre-birth pages (ultrasound and belly, etc.), but I will be making some un-themed pages.

I'm also not worrying about a lot of milestones. For example, I'm doing a bath time page but not specifying that it has to be the first - the only specific first milestones I'm bothering with are tooth, words, and steps (though that's more of a crawling-to-standing-to-w alking layout rather than specifically first steps). If she wants to do other milestone pages she's welcome to do so with the un-themed pages and the leftover supplies I'll be passing along. But if I were receiving an album and someone had made a page specific to the very first bath, I would feel incredibly pressured by someone else's ideas of what I should scrap, and it would ruin a lot of first for me to feel I had to capture them for the scrapbook instead of just enjoying them. Disclaimer: I am not a mom or aunt, and these are the first baby pages I've ever made.

My overall plan for the one I'm doing - though not necessarily in this specific order:

Welcome Baby (with room for a photo and length/weight/name/date journaling)
Mommy & Me / Daddy & Me
Family and Friends (for pictures with the parents' extended family)
Cutie Pie (a generic un-themed page with the title "cutie pie")
10 Things I Adore About My Baby Boy (using a Deja Views "10 Things" pocket and a photo mat)
Bath Time
First Words
Sleepy Baby
Smile! / First Tooth
Play Time
My Favorite Toy
Autumn / Halloween / Thanksgiving
Christmas / Snow
I'm 6 Months Old!
Crawling to Standing to Walking
Springtime / First Mother's Day
My First Year (four pages, three pics each, incorporating the 12-month cards by Little Yellow Bicycle, newborn to 11 months)
I'm One! / First Birthday
My Dreams for You

...and probably some other pages with just photo mats and journaling spaces, no real theme to them - leaving lots of room for journaling is important to me.

I will be gifting a journaling pen, some photo corners, and maybe a photo trimmer along with it.

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I found a scrapbook idea book that was talking about this same question. I really liked the format and am going to use it for my BFF who's having her first in a few months. I like that it has a calendar that she can jot a few notes down each day so she can remember what has happened. I'm also going to add some fun pages for various "firsts."

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