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I have been scrapbooking for a while, but haven't used stamps that much. I purchased a rubber stamp on a wood block that I want to use on a Christmas project. I watched a video from Tim Holtz using Distress Stain on a stamp and wanted to try it, however, the stain will not adhere to the stamp. Is there something I need to do to the stamp to prepare it for ink?

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I'm not a stamper, so I don't really know. Perhaps someone in the "Cardmaking & Stamping" section of the forum could offer some advice?

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Maybe try cleaning the stamp to make sure there's no manufacturing residue? I haven't tried the Distress Stains yet so I'm not really sure.

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I will say that distress inks aren't great for stamping...IMO....or at least I am not good with them. I think they work better on wood than clear stamps.

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Using distress inks on any kind of stamp produces a "fuzzier" image than with regular ink. I alsways scrub my new stamps on my little scrubby pad before I use them. They often have a coating on them from the manufacturing process that prevents the ink from adhering well.

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I use the distress inks all the time in stamping images. They don't look the same as other inks and you can hardly tell they are on the stamp until you put it on the paper. The image does look more antique-ish than regular ink but it can be amazing for back grounds or a softer feeling in image. Just experiment with different colours or different coloured paper to get the image the way you want it!

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