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My fiance is making me a homemade scrapbooking/computer/etc desk. I know I want the screen and everything computer related mounted so it leaves the actual desktop free of anything. I would also like all my scrapbooking stuff up, down, in and out of the way. I wanted to see what everyone else liked best about their spaces. My goal is to have everything in its own, open place. Its really important nothing is too tucked away, because I have A.D.D. so I am very "out of sight, out of mind" . So the stuff needs to be right there in sight, but neat and organized(this is especially tricky with sticker type embellishment storage).

Any ideas or suggestions? What do you like best about your spaces? Drawers, shelves, cups, peg board?

Any ideas are very appreciated!

P.S. I don't know if it matters to your tips, but the desk will be a corner desk that all my stuff will be stored in.

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Have you looked through the gallery here at all? There's a whole scraproom section with TONS of great ideas, and you can search on specific things like "stickles," "dies," etc.

I like everything accessible but behind closed cabinet doors and/or in labelled boxes with lids. The dust here is terrible.

And I'm constantly reorganizing something or other - partly as I acquire more stuff so it outgrows its current location (like all the mists and sprays that seem to procreate like bunnies), and partly as I find a new useful trick. Today's thing I learned on here was the idea to store my templates/stencils in page protectors so they don't get all tangled up with each other, can't wait to set this up this weekend!

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My craft table is also a manmade one. My beloved hubby put a hydraulic lift under the bottom shelf so I can raise it up and down depending if I need to stand or sit. The top of it is wide so I can move things around without knocking stuff over.

I have shelves over my table with clear shoe boxes, I don't mean the plastic opaque kind from Walmart, these are folding clear plastic boxes that you can actually see thru! (I have a medicine enabled form of ADD myself so I understand what you mean.)

We took different sized tumblers, drilled a hole into the sides and hang them from hooks on an 18" towel bar hubby put on my right side. These tumblers hold my glitter gel pens, glue pens, craft knives, bone folders, brushes, Distress markers, etc.

I found a slanting 3 tiered wire bathroom thing at Walmart that is excellent for holding my stickles, glue bottles, etc upside down by sticking their lids between the wires, it is also handy for my brayers and scissors hanging through. That rack is dead center on the shelf right above my table.

I recycled an old golf ball showcase frame (bought it at Goodwill for $2!) and it hangs over my table on the left. Each cubby measures 3" square and is perfect size for 4 bottles of glitter glue, liquid pearls, reinkers, distress stains, paint dauber bottles, etc or 4 spools of ribbon side by side depending on how wide the ribbon is. (I am hoping to one day find an old baseball display frame, the cubbies for that frame is tall enough to hold the washes and glitter sprays! )

I bought the Ink Pad Storage system from for all of my pads, make sure to buy the inserts if you have the Tim Holtz pads so they won't slide to the back.

I need to take some pictures.

I hope this gives you some ideas.

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