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  • max28 on 12-15-12 10:41 AM

Hey guys,

my father turns 60 next year and I want to create a scrapbook that shows his life's milestones. I want to create something like a timeline that goes from his birth until now with events like first day at school, graduation day, wedding, his trip around the world, my birth, etc..

Do you have experiences with creating timelines? Any suggestions how to implement it so that it looks great?

I'm happy for any advice, thanks in advance!



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Ms. Fit
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I have never done one but have the thought in the back of my mind that I might after I get the family history photos all scrapped. I did google "how to create a timeline" and a LOT of entries came up with choices for creation in different programs like Excel, Word, etc. as well as a YouTube video and other possibilities. You might try that and see if any of them would be helpful.

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All scrappers on here who scrap their children's birth's and lives...thru their years are doing just what you want to do... creat his life.

It's a great idea and if you have the pics will be straight forward for you.

He will looooooooove it.

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  • GMFTS on 01-08-13 10:45 AM
In response to Sunnydi

Hi Max, when my dad turned 90 a few years ago I made him an album of his life.
I kept the pages quite basic because I didn't have much time and he has had a long life so there were lots of photos.
I began with his childhood, then pages devoted to his parents and siblings.
I had a large section devoted to events over his adult life - he loves travel for example so there were many pages devoted to that.
Finally I had a section for his children and their families. I have 8 siblings and we all have children and many have grandchildren. Needless to say lots of pages for them.

Not a timeline per se but this format worked for the photos I had.
The los are posted in my gallery if that helps.

Good luck and remember to share with us.

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