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I just got a Cuttlebug and love it so far. Bought Holtz Alterations Movers and Shapers Dies Mini Owl and Crescent Moon. Does anyone know how to get this to cut? It is making an impression on card stock (tried different weights) but not cutting the image. Maybe my "sandwich" is all wrong? Tried B + B and no luck with that and other combinations.

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Is it a thick die? My sandwich for thin dies is base plate, clear C plate, paper, die and clear B plate. Idk how to do thick ones.

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Movers and shaper dies require an extra piece for cutting, I believe.
A different plate or adapter ?

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You need to use something to put the movers and shapers die in. The tray below is good for that.
This youtube link (in french, but the video is what counts) will show you how it works:

Before I got a tray, I used the spellbinders tan rubber mat and a paper shim on the back side of the m&s die. That sandwich was then "cutting plate -> rubber mat -> paper shim -> m&s die -> paper I want to cut into -> cutting plate".

Hope this helps.

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