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I am thinking about ordering the "Maddie Anne" from Quickuts and I was wondering, once I punch the letter out how do I adhere it to a page? They look very delicate and this is the first alphabet I am ordering so I am not sure how all this works. I also wanted to know how you line the letters up (if you want them straight) Sorry if these are silly questions. Thanks, Kelly

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... nobody answered you yet??

There's a couple of ways.

Glue pens (I prefer ZIG )
Run them through a Xyron (I have three different sizes, they're awesome)
Use the sticky dots sheet paper designed for die cuts (haven't tried it yet, but plan to)
Make a real mess trying it with a glue stick (don't)
Make a mess trying to use your adhesive roller (ditto don't)

You can also run them through a Xyron before you cut them out, then all you have to do is peel the cut out from the backing.

Lining them up, you can either use a ruler and sketch a very light pencil line that you'll erase later, or use a long sheet of paper as a straight line across the page and line them up along the top of it.

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I like to attach little letters by running them thru the Xyron X. The Xyron X is the small Xyron . You can use it to turn pieces into stickers.

To line them up you can use a ruler. Hope that helps!

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