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  • Belia on 01-16-09 08:17 PM

How do you guys use glue sticks without getting glue around the edges of your stuff?

And (hypothetically speaking, of course *blush*) how do you get dried glue globs or residue off of a photo? I tried Un-do, and it didn't work.

I'm kind of a disaster!

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Most scrappers don't really use glue sticks... I would say the general consensus around here is with the following types of adhesive:

Glue Dots or Zots
ATG gun
Tombow pens
ZIG pen, 2-way is what it's called I think
Photo Splits, such as Scotch ... they are flat squares that come on a roll in a box (one of my personal faves)

That's all I can think of for right now... there are tons more adhesives that are acid free and made for scrapbooking. I'll link a bunch of them for you... if you search in the superstore, you'll find all kinds!

There is also an adhesive remover they sell here in the superstore. I just got one and it kicks butt! It's the Ek Success one...
There is UnDu, which is also a remover, and I've heard good things about that, too.

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In response to mariposa326

I too would stay away from the glue sticks. When working with photos my favorite adhesive are the photo splits... because they are a lot cleaner.

For the dried glue the best bet is probably the Undu... for a little the adhesive removers are sometimes OK - they are better on other surfaces in my experience - but I've not had much luck at all getting glue of photos once it is there. Hope you have better results.

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In response to KatieJo

I use runners for pictures. What about adhering papers? I find that some Glue Dots don't hold up that well.

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In response to beachteach80

I use glue runners for papers and pictures. I've also found that that Glue Dots brand holds better than the zots.

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  • CASBa on 01-19-09 07:35 AM
In response to scraprabbit

I really like the Tombow adhesive runners. I tried about a million different types of adhesive before finally finding this one. It is clean and easy to use and it sticks really well.

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