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I want to start a scrapbook for my four years in high school. I have never done a scrapbook before, and I wanted to know what are the basic supplies that I will need to make a good scrapbook on tight budget. I need lots of adive on what size of album and stuff like that. thanks

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The best place to go to start with is the "Getting Started" post way at the top of this Beginning Forum. There is an essentials list in that post that you should check out. It explains some basic supplies and what they do and shows pics of them too.

This should be the dirent link to that essentials list : .html

I have to admit I don't have all of those things. For instance I've chosen not to own an exacto knife - because I'm a clutz and would rather keep all my fingers intact than be able to intricately cut paper out. I've found that a good scissors and some patience allows me to cut out paper well enough anyway. There might be a few things you decide you don't need too, but it is a great place to start looking.

As for advice on album size that is kind of personal preference. It depends really on how many photos and how much embellishing you want to do. The most common sizes are: 12 x 12", 8.5 x 11" and 8 x 8". I would suggest going with something in one of those sizes because they have paper in sizes to match them. Obviously the smaller they get the fewer photos you can easily squeeze onto them... but the quicker they generally get completed too... since you also don't have to embellish as much.

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On top of this I think I'll add products suggestions...

I would definitely get yourself a portable straight edge cutter. They are generally the cheapest variety. I've included a pic example pf that type of cutter below. Most people here agree that it is one of the most important scrapping tools to own.

Also you'll want a good pair of scissors... detail ones like the Cutter Bee variety (also shown below) are very handy. I have those and really like them.

At least least one journaling pen... gel or marker... most useful is probably black.

You will need photo adhesives. You can buy a gun, or dispenser but the photo splits just in the box are also OK and again generally pretty economical.

Of course cardstock... probably best purchased in packs if you want to save money. That is solid colored stuff.

patterned paper s should be picked up as you go... sheet by sheet for the most economical way. Try to find sales on these too. Or if you find that you really like a pack... meaning you like all or most of the papers in it... then do that. It just isn't much fun when you buy one and discover that you only like one of two of the designs.

In addition, I think you should pick up embellishments as needed. Have a specific purpose in mind for them before you buy - if you want to conserve money.

Again, these are just a few suggestions... I'm sure you'll get more.

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Here's a good list w/ great info: .html

However, I have scrapped for years and I don't have (or need!) all those things. To get started I would get:

12" paper trimmer (even if you choose an album smaller than 12x12)
good fine tip scissors (I really like Cutterbee)
adhesive (this is totally personal preference, but my favorite is actually the cheap adtech glue runners from Walmart for paper/cardstock/photos, and Glue Dots for embellishments)
pens - I'd start with black, then maybe brown and white and whatever colors you use a lot
cardstock/ patterned paper - I would advise getting various colors of cardstock, and not as much pp unless you know you'll use it. Many of us overbought "cute" pp at the start and never used it.

Other than that, just whatever kinds of embellishments you like (stickers, flowers, brads, whatever). You can make great layouts with just paper/cardstock and photos don't feel like you need a ton of stuff to start.

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