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I am thinking about removing mine from their wooden blocks & storing them another 2 questions are: "What do i do what the left over wooden blocks & 2 "whats the best way to store the stamps themselves?" i really want to do this while i am off from work today & tomorrow..thanks!

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as for the wooden blocks, do you have any toddlers around that would enjoy the (larger) pretty colors on the tops of the blocks and maybe enjoy stacking them, or matching them up, say all the birds, or all the cats or flowers, whatever.
Many ppl store the previously mounted stamps just as they do the clear ones, in a packet for baseball/collectible cards, they have pockets and from what I hear there are different sizes.

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I've used some of my leftover blocks for projects...I still have 3 huge paper grocery sacks full of them and I've thrown some away.

I put tack it over and over on mine and store them in empty cd cases. some of them I've used ez mount on but ran out of that and started with the TIOO. I'm planning at some point to convert those over to the easy mount too.

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I just finished mine up today! I used EZ mount and I am putting them on the 8.5x11 "cards" the same company sells and then putting them into three ring binders (1 inch) by category-- Alphabets, swirls/flourishes, flowers etc...

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I store all my clear and unmounted stamps on thick transparencies (8.5x11 report covers I bought at the office supply store) in a binder. I'm indexing all my stamps (what a job!). As for the wood blocks, I don't have a lot of mounted wood to do, but some people give the blocks to daycares for the kids. I've also read of people burning them in their fireplaces - they're usually made of hardwood so they'll burn a long time.

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I love EZ Mount for rubber stamps. To store them I laminate white cardstock and punch holes in them so I can store them in my binders with my clear stamps. Makes it so much easier to keep track of. Plus the laminated cardstock isn't expensive.

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