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I was just browsing some of the posts from the new scrappers...and I remember getting started - geez I was overwhelmed ... I didn't know where to start ... which year or person to begin with! Five or six years later, I still deal with that problem! LOL I don't think that ever goes away totally and forever.

The reason for my post - something I didn't know that HSN (the Home Shopping Network) actually has craft fairs and they offer a lot of scrapbook products at a reasonable price - they also have a lot of items from different designers that you just can't find in the hobby stores.

(my favorite is Anna Griffin)
But - the other best thing about the Home Shopping shows - you can gather some great ideas and techniques from the shows!

They always demo the items for you and show various lay outs. Like I said, I probably scrapped for a year before I knew this. And now I just wait with baited breath for their scrap shows.

Good luck and I hope this helps the new scrappers...I can't think of a better hobby than scrapbooking! Your doing something for your family members, kids, grandkids for years to come and enjoying the process!


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Thanks for the info Vicki! It's good to that even the veteran scrapbookers get overwhelmed from time to time!!! I will definitly watch for the shows on hsn!

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Nice info!!! I get overwhelmed with anything scrapbook related even if its basic or advance. I just enjoy! :-)

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HSN is having scrapbook stuff on March 15th. I think it starts at midnight


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OHHhh and listen - the Todays Special Value is a KIT from ANNA GRIFFIN!!!!

Now Anna is absolutely, hands down one of my favorite designers EVER -- so this is super dooper exciting to me! LOL

(Its true, I do not get out often! LOL) when it comes to scrapbooking, I get pretty husband and son calls it "looney - crazy - nutz - weird - strange - you have no life mom - something is wrong with you - and there are a few other phrases & terms I forget at the moment!LOL

I prefer to call it "passionate" LOL
But o well ... right?

I actually had the pleasure of meeting Anna Griffin in a round about way...and I can tell you, she is the sweetest, most precious, down to earth woman I have ever had the pleasure to meet. She is every bit as elegant as her products. And you could just tell its genuine.

So I was sold on her designs prior to this meeting....but when you know how she is - it just makes you want to support her work even more.

My kid (which is a big kid - 26 years old)
said "mom you would buy her items if it was a flower stamped with spaghetti sauce on a paper towel!"

I didn't find it funny at first!
But after the fact, I did have to chuckle!

See ya's March 15th midnight - HSN! LOL

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Oh heavens Loren ... yes yes yes.
I have been at this for probably 5 to 6 years and I still struggle with the overwhelm thing.

Wait till you start to get oddles of products!
Then you can't figure out ...what to use! LOL

[my head before a scrapping session]
ok ok .. I am going to use my stamps for this no - maybe my watercolor pencils - nahhhh I did that last September 10th on the pool pictures...(((then you grunt))))...I know maybe I will use those new border stickers and 3 D elements...yea yea thats it the border and 3d's...well no because there is no blue in them...((((then you sigh)))


I try to map something out and get this dialogue out before I even start to pull out my supplies! LOL

I think the main thing is to just do it - whether it is out of order or not - just do a few pages whenever you can!

I actually go about it a few ways...
And "I" don't really make myself stick to a certain theme ... I will do a few pages that will eventually go into several photo albums and keep them in a drawer...then I go back and find the album for them...and decide a theme/title down the line. This is probably not the best approach - but I found myself going into a funk and losing that desire to scrap if I "HAD" to do a certain lay out because I was working on a certain album.

(hope that makes sense)
This approach allows me to scrap from my pile of
Grandbaby photos and then if the mood hits me - I skip to my "backyard pictures"

something that may help you (I just figured this one out myself a few years ago)
I write down the titles of my scrapbooks - what theme and overall title I wanted to do ...
(I found doing things in chronilogical order was boring me!)
So I have
"Just Add Water"
this album includes pics from our pool
"Our Backyard"
all kinds of events that have taken place in our backyard
sometimes an album is just for one persons birthday and sometimes one album will include pictures from several different birthday events
"Maw Maw's Favorite Pictures"
Now this is my is the bestest pictures ever of my grandson

I hope it helps you guys...
it made things easier for me.


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